IRFU Irish Rugby Football Association

Project Overview

Partnering with the Irish Rugby Football Association, we embarked on a dynamic journey to reimagine their essential facilities. Infusing every aspect with the vibrant colors and spirit of rugby, we revitalized the canteen and changing rooms while creating engaging spaces like the coffee dock and reception area, where the sport’s tradition seamlessly merges with modern design. From the vibrant canteen and changing rooms to the coffee dock and reception area, our design seamlessly integrates the iconic colors of Irish rugby, infusing every detail with the sport’s rich heritage. Bespoke elements such as the Irish rugby green luxurious leatherette seating adorned with stitching details reminiscent of rugby balls offer both comfort and identity. Through this harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, we’ve created vibrant hubs that celebrate the timeless allure of rugby, inspiring community and connection at every turn.